"Pause. Take 3 deep breaths now."

Receive one of our many stillness reminders, or your own customised text messages at random times during the day. They remind you to pause, focus on your breath and let go of thoughts. This practice returns you to inner peace.

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  •  You have moments of deep peace and inner stillness that you would like to have more often.
  •  You want some help to interrupt the constant stream of thinking, to retreat from the mind into Presence.
  •  You do meditation or yoga and would like to practise returning to this state of being when off the mat, in the course of your daily life. 
  •  You are a busy parent and you'd like more moments of peace and calmness in your day, because you know your state of mind affects the whole family.
  •  You work in a busy, stressful office environment and are looking for ways to improve staff morale, health and well-being.

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